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Global Medical Services in Cádiz  
Medical Services at Home in Cádiz  

We preventive health devices with highly qualified and fully equipped medical electrical equipment more sophisticated and better suited to local circumstances the requested device.

- Fairs.

- Kits in pools.

- Kits on beaches.

- Concerts.

- Contests.

- Private parties.

- Rallies.

- Beware of people who need specialized assistance.

- Accompanying the VIP.


Units Avaiable in Cádiz:  

- Ambulances Mobile ICU and BLS.

- Vehicles of fast intervention.

- Vehicles of fast intervention 4x4.





Medication management subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous.

Cures acute wounds (emergency) and chronic. (Pressure ulcers and diabetic foot).

Removal of stitches sutures and staples. Aftercare.

Health Education.

Measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and capillary glucose.

Measurement of INR.

Washed and removing ear wax plugs.

Channeling peripheral pathways for treatment administration.

Performing electrocardiograms. ..

List of services assisted:  

- In Mobile ICU ambulances with incubator or pediatric clamping devices.

- In BLS ambulances.

- By helicopter medicalized.

- In railway lines.

- In private air lines.

- In commercial air lines.

- In commercial shipping lines




Medical Services at Home  
Ayuda en la Noche de Cádiz S.L.


Healthcare delivery in the city of Cadiz to partner for more than 30 years, monthly fee of 11.50 Euros which includes all family members living at the same address.

Services included in the fee:

- Medical assistance call.
- Nurse.
- Medicines.
- Medical Oxygen.
- Health Transport.

And also manage the following services:

- Podiatrist.
- Clinical Assistants.
- Caregivers of Patients.

Call us 956 250761. Clossing date for admission of new members since 31/12/14.

Medical Services Rates.

Each patient needs a personalized service, in order to offer the best price is necessary to send the following form to make the budget.

Name - Last Name:
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