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Caregiver at home:  

The caregiver is a professional with high experience and qualifications in the care of elderly, or persons whose personal situation does not allow them to make a life normally. Our primary goal as a professional is to get people to enjoy greater comfort and quality of life, without ever leaving your home.

Attentions that are included in this new service are:

- Grooming: Bath or shower, change clothes, shaving, washing and styling hair, hygiene of the mouth and lips, skin care ...

- Support for the mobilization: Lifting and bedtime (continuous or discontinuous service), location transfers, mobility support by the agencies of the home ...

- Home Care: Home Cleaning, washing and ironing, making beds, performing household shopping, meal preparation (preparation tailored to the dietary needs of the individual menus).

- Accompaniment: Company of night and day at home, accompaniment to medical visits, rehabilitation services, religious services, etc..


Medical Services at Home in Cádiz  

Medication management subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous.

Cures acute wounds (emergency) and chronic. (Pressure ulcers and diabetic foot).

Removal of stitches sutures and staples. Aftercare.

Health Education.

Measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and capillary glucose.

Measurement of INR.

Washed and removing ear wax plugs.

Channeling peripheral pathways for treatment administration.

Suctioning a patient.

Placement and Review vesical and nasogastric tubes .

Performing electrocardiograms.

Tracking terminal patients in their own homes .


Medical home visit  

MAttention appearance of new diseases

Control of chronic patients.

Home care of sick people who can not travel .

Tracking terminal patients in their own homes .


Global Medical Services in Cádiz  

We preventive health devices with highly qualified and fully equipped medical electrical equipment more sophisticated and better suited to local circumstances the requested device.

- Fairs.

- Kits in pools.

- Kits on beaches.

- Concerts.

- Contests.

- Private parties.

- Rallies.

- Beware of people who need specialized assistance.

- Accompanying the VIP.


Units Avaiable in Cádiz:  

- Ambulances Mobile ICU and BLS.

- Vehicles of fast intervention.

- Vehicles of fast intervention 4x4.


List of services assisted:  

- In Mobile ICU ambulances with incubator or pediatric clamping devices.

- In BLS ambulances.

- By helicopter medicalized.

- In railway lines.

- In private air lines.

- In commercial air lines.

- In commercial shipping lines





Price list.

Each patient needs a personalized service, to offer you the best price is required to submit the following form to make the budget.

Name and Lastname:


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